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Aren’t you bored? Whenever there is a get together or game night, there are always the same games – dominoes, monopoly, or cards.  This game was invented by some brothers and sisters with a view in mind to promote fun between brothers and fun learning about Jehovah God.  In this world, there are millions of games and people would spend hundreds of dollars on games for their families or functions but yet there is not a great game for Jehovah God.  One that would promote laughter, fun, excitement, Bible education, and addictive to play like monopoly.  Through the constant request for the Holy Spirit, this game is the result with no thought of any profit making venture whatsoever in heart, just fun and love between brothers.  What makes the game a little pricy is that it has a thick durable quad fold board, 4 programmable animal sound buzzers, a programmable tick-tock timer, interlockable radial value tokens, and about 500 cards covering not just  a wide range of Bible trivia but challenges, activities, and chances.  The challenges, activities, chances, penalties are sure to cause hours of laughter and fun.  What is also very funny is the sound of the buzzer when pressed by a player moo, cock-a-doodle-do, neigh, bark and more.   You can even extend the number of players by ordering up to 12 extra sound buzzers – Donkey [hee-haw], sheep, duck, lion [roar], wild monkey, elephant, hyena, cat, frog, turkey [gobbling], wolf [howl], and dinosaur.

Another wonderful feature of this game is that it is not static.  That is, it can be extended and it would be constantly updated with new cards and accessories.  Currently, the game only allow up to 4 individual players or teams.  A team can be 2 to 4 groups of families, friends, congregations, or countries.  However, in addition to ordering buzzers, you can extend the number of players by also ordering extra card decks, tokens, pawns, and a card shuffler. 

Even if you do not want to extend the game, there are certain “must have accessories.”  A card shuffler is a must have accessory as the game comes with 17 decks and it would take a considerable amount of time to hand shuffle 17 decks thoroughly before starting.  Another must have accessory is the 60 second tick-tock timer which replaces the 60 second hour glass.

We hope you have hours and hours of fun.  If you have any suggestions for improvement or language requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.  To contact us, click on the menu option above entitled About This Game, then click Ask a Pre-Sale Question, and fill out the form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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