Game Play

N.B. This board game requires the Android or iOS app.  The Bible Swordsman board game can be purchased from this website and eventually

Objective: To win the most token points by answering correctly as many trivia or group challenge questions as possible without incurring penalties which lose points.  The game time is set by the players e.g. 1 hour or 2 hours.  At the end of the time, the player with the most token points is the winner.  A player who losses all his tokens must withdraw from the game.

Two Types of Games:  (1) Fun challenge or (2) Swordsman challenge.

Token Chips Values: 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000.

Treasurer:  At the beginning of the game, a person must be appointed as the treasurer for the tokens and group challenges.


  • Each player chooses a pawn and places it in the start section. Each player is given 2,500 tokens broken down as – 1 X 1000, 2 x 500, 3 x 100, 4 x 50.
  • The order of the players is then determined by having each person throw the die. The order of the players is from the highest to the lowest throw.
  • The game goes in a clockwise direction. Each person is given only 1 chance to throw the die and move clockwise the spaces according to the total value of the die; then it is the next person’s turn.  However, a player throwing a double is given another turn.  If a player lands on a country with a value, then he receives this travel allowance in tokens.
  • The first player rolls the die and moves the pawn on the board to the equivalent amount on the die. The player places the token in the token area equal to the trivia card amount where he landed.
  • He then pulls the equivalent card in the card display tray.
  • A player has 30 seconds to answer a question unless printed otherwise and is timed using the timer. If a card contains more than 1 question it is 30 seconds per question.
  • If a player answers correctly, he wins the equivalent token from the bank. If a player answers incorrectly or a player’s time is up, either 1 or 2 things is done:- (a) Another player can press the buzzer to answer the question.  If this player answers correctly, he wins the token.  (b) However, if this player answers incorrectly he has to pull a challenge card.  If he performs the challenge correctly he keeps his token.  However, if he performs it incorrectly, he loses the token to the bank.


Procedure 1 to 7 (a) of the Fun Challenge applies.  The challenge cards rule 7 (b) are left out.

Group Challenge:  An alarm goes off every 12 minutes.  At the sound of the alarm, the treasurer pulls a Group Challenge Card.  Any player who performs the challenge first or answers correctly, wins the chip points on the card from the bank.